Sunday, November 1, 2009

Journey Continues

Well, we're still out there and praying, hoping and working towards our miracle. My heart is hopeful but yet aches like nothing I've ever experienced before.

Life has been... weird. We are starting our "pre-ivf" treatments and working down our checklist of things we need to accomplish prior to starting our treatment in January. So far I've done bloodwork and some really awesome ultrasound tests. They are always such a joy. *mutter mutter* Had my sonohysterogram and the procedure was really pretty easy. Everything looks great - no abnormalities.

Started Clomid on CD5 and took it through CD9 for this series of bloodwork. This is the medicine that makes me cry at the drop of a hat. Broke down in a Subway on and had to excuse myself to the restroom to cry. Nothing like that to make one wonder if that's what it's like to go crazy. Fun fun.

CD3 bloodwork:
FSH (follicle stimulating hormone): 3.30
LH (luteinizing hormone): 2.16
Prolactin: 21.30
TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone): 2.23

CD10 bloodwork:
Estrogen 86; FSH 6.9; Projecterone .8

My estradiol level is high but they told me that they're not overly concerned. I'm nervous, but trying not to be.

Estradiol II: 228.86 (34 to 186)

I'll try to check in more but things will really start to move in late December into January through March. Thanks to all who might still be following me and helping me emotionally through this tough journey. *hugs*


  1. I'm still here Ann. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that you have that miracle in the near future.

    Love, hugs and impending Happy Birthday to you hon.

    Linda xxxxx

  2. Hi Ann, I also wanted to tell you that I am still here. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband. We certainly pray that your miracle comes soon because you certainly have stayed steadfast in God's word and deed.

    Hugs and blessings,