Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tomorrow is Transfer Day

Sorry I haven't been blogging very much but I have been really busy with work and home. Things are still on track and currently I'm on 3 Vivelle Patches (changed every 3rd day), the Estradiol, Methylprednisolone, Doxycycline and the awesome HUGE progesterone shot in the tushy each night. Life is challenging but I keep on truckin.

Tomorrow is our transfer day and we are hoping that both of our penguins (frozen embryos) will make it through the thaw and be in great condition for our 11am transfer. We appreciate all the prayers and warm wishes as we move along the journey of our FET (frozen embryo transfer) cycle.

Will let you all know how tomorrow goes and then we won't know if things "took" until the beginning of July via our blood work so keep those prayers coming. Thanks all, blessings.


  1. Thinking of you!!! ((HUGS))

  2. shirley says I am thinking of you two and pray the Lord will help this process to take .

  3. Thinking of you tonight...How did today go?

  4. Praying... love you!