Monday, April 27, 2009

CD16 - IUI

Sorry I haven't been blogging much but I can only explain it as I am finding this journey really hard and so I've been trying not to focus on it as much as I once did. Otherwise things are pretty much the same-ol same-ol.

Yesterday was CD15 and I had an u/s to check on my follicles as I can't get an OPK to trigger to save my life. I had three smaller follies on the right and one beefy one on the left. I had my IUI today and we had 29million swimmers at 66% motility. We are now in the 2ww an praying hard for patience as we walk through another cycle.

Thank you all for your well wishes and keeping us in your thoughts.


  1. i hope and pray that the 2WW goes quickly!!!

  2. Thinking good thoughts and hoping your 2ww goes by quickly!

  3. Thinking sticky good thoughts for you and that the 2WW goes fast for you. ((HUGS))