Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DH is a Rock Star

The best part of this journey (other than the hope for the final result of a beautiful blessing) is the strengthening of our marriage. My DH (darling husband) is a guy who has read the books with me, gone through our folder multiple times and came in from woodworking in the garage 15 minutes early so he could clean up prior to giving me my Lupron injection (which I had told him I could very well do on my own...).

He wants to do this side by side and I can't express just how AWESOME that is. Being committed is one thing ... but being a completely 50/50 journey was something that makes this journey so much easier. For those of you out there going through IVF and have an awesome partner ... let them know they are a rock star! =)

On a medical update, I can not WAIT to get off these antibiotics as they feel like they are bubbling over in my tummy and I'm so ready to be off of it. The Lupron shots aren't all that bad and I'm looking at them as a stepping stone into bigger and better (um, right...) things.


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