Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sitting in my room...

Well, I'm currently attending a conference and even though it's been so nice to have time to myself, eat good food and stay in a really comfy hotel room - I really, really miss my DH. Going home tomorrow so it will be good to be home again.

I'm sitting in my room waiting for my alarm to go off for my Lupron injection and trying to keep down the antibiotics I took right after dinner. I don't have any crackers to munch on or hard candies so I'm feeling a little bit bummed but it is too cold to go out and brave it. The upside... only 2 more days on these things!! Sunday will be my day of freedom and I'm looking forward to it.

I would have liked to stay downstairs longer and talked with folks - but they were all going for glasses of wine/beer and I could see it getting late and I need to do my shot soon. That and I can't drink right now. So even though I'm not wanting to drink, I need to do my shot AND would much rather get to bed early... I'm still feeling sorry for myself. I'll muddle through but right now is just a tough time and anxiety is a bit high.

Currently praying for strength.

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