Sunday, April 11, 2010

And here we go...

Well, CD1 is not wanting to start on its own so last night was dose one of the medroxyprogesterone. This past Thursday/Friday I was cramping a lot and having wicked migraines... but nothing as of Saturday (CD30). Having this blog is pretty darn awesome as I looked back as to what happened the first time I took this and it was pretty darn mild and my CD1 actually started before the end of the 10 days. We'll see what happens.

Once CD1 would kick in we start the Desogen BCP and will get our calendar for this next journey of a FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer). In the meantime I've started Weight Watchers as these meds and hormones are making my weight slowly but steadily rise over the past 2 years. Getting worried as to where it was taking me so I decided I'm starting back on WW and if the "worst case scenario" is that I have to quit in 2 months as we are pregnant then I say... bring it on! ;) Down 4.4lbs this first week and my body is heaving a sigh or relief. It's nice to be eating right again.

Hope everyone has had some chance to enjoy some nice spring weather. Wow does it help the mindset and get the moods elevated. Bring on summer.

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