Thursday, April 29, 2010

BCP and Tummy Issues

Ok, one week into the Desogen BCP and my tummy hasn't been good for a few days and today after lunch (I really think it was mostly something I ate) I literally had to race home after 20 minutes in the bathroom at work. Wasn't pretty. I keep thinking this can't be just from the BCP so I looked back at a journal from January...

"Did you find that the pill made you feel like crap? There's not really one major thing that it is doing to me but my tummy just feels "off," I'm cranky, tired and just feeling like I want to crawl into a hole and tell the entire world to pi$$ off."

Second time around it's not any better it seems. My co-workers are in for a tough 2 more weeks ... I'm never going back to Bonanza no matter WHO asks me to. Sorry, nope, not goina do it. *smirk*

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  1. I am also on the bcp right now, and it's tough. I will promise, after a few days it got better. Headaches and nausea have been pretty regular- even though I don't want to eat, I force small snacks and it helps.

    Means to an end!