Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Calendar in Hand

Got my calendar for the FET cycle and wow... it seems like it's a ton shorter as our transfer day will be June 10th. *boggle* Yeowza. Here's basically how it will shake down:

4/23-5/13 - Started my lovely Desogen BCP
5/07-6/03 - Lupron 10 units SQ (easy peasy)
5/18 - Estradiol Level Drawn
5/18-6/09 - Much less lovely u/s appts
5/18-6/?? - Vivelle Dot Patches
6/05-6/?? - Big 'Ol Progesterone shots
*** NOTICE NO STIMS! NO REPRONEX!! (Good Thing!) **
6/09-6/19 - Methyprednisolone and Doxycycline (Nooo!)
6/10 .... Embryo transfer day (Bring it!)

So that in a nutshell is the game plan. Aren't you just so jealous?!? Actually it's a whole lot easier the second time around. I know it'll suck some weeks and that it does get better. My saying is "I can do ANYTHING for a week."

So here we go... *Choo Choo!*

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