Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's like Christmas!

Ok, not really. Actually, not even close... but I do have a big bag of "goodies" and am ready to start another cycle of bliss. There ARE a couple of positives with this cycle, however. I have to keep focused on that.

So here we are, the goodie bin for this round:

Ok, at first glance it's a huge freak-out-fest but when I start looking at the contents it's odd just how much I can sit back and say "it's ok... I've been here, done that and can do it again. Bring it on."

So here's the list:
Lupron - Icky small needles, low side effects.
Vivelle Patches - Icky, painless but make me feel funky.
Progesterone - Icky BIG needles, low side effects.
Methylprednisolone - Causes ADHD - but only 2 days this time!
Doxycycline - Causes major nausea - but only 2 days this time!

And here's the BIG news...

Ok, so there's the game plan. Lupron shots start this Friday and I'm finishing up my 2nd week on the Desogen BCP which isn't that nice to my moods, tummy or head so I'll be glad when we get that part over with. Here we go...


  1. Wishing you luck on your next cycle. I am just about to start one too.

    May this be our final big box o' meds.

    Best wishes to you.

  2. Fingers crossed for this cycle!!!! GL =)