Saturday, December 27, 2008


Well, yesterday was my last day on Clomid and really no side effects - yet. If last month is any indication I'll be feeling an emotional low by late next week, but we shall see. I'm thankful that I'm feeling pretty normal this weekend as we are visiting the inlaws. I always am thankful to be around family expecially around the holidays. They are true blessings.

*special hugs* For those following my blog. =)

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  1. You are so welcome for the comment that I left you yesterday. God works in some of the most amazing ways and does some of the most wonderful things in our life if we just put our trust in Him. How awesome it is to be able to have such a support system for women like us, and to think that it is with other women all over the U.S. and just a short click away from each other! :) It is simply mind boggling for me.

    I have heard that clomid is a drug that has many side effects to it and makes it hard for most women to be on. As of yet, I do not know the reality of taking it. My thoughts and prayers are with you this week. I can sympathize with you when you talk about depression because I have been suffering from it for many years and at times have been in deep depression states. They are no fun at all.

    What a joy that you get to be with your family. For me, sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered. I absolutely love my family as well as my husband's family. They are one of those priceless fortunes in life that I could not live without. :)

    Thanks for the hug! It was much needed. :) I am so glad to have you as one of my sources of suppport. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do for you. You and your husband are always in our prayers.

    Lots of hugs and smiles,