Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let the fun begin...

This morning greeted me with a headache and that sense of "here come the tears." It's one of those headaches that covers my entire head like a hat and just numbs my thinking a bit and is annoying - not like a heavy migraine that I'm "used" to having - so that's both good and bad. Good as it isn't as intense but bad as I know it won't last just 24 hours.

I'm also feeling the emotions kicking up and I'm in that mindset of "what's wrong with me, don't look at me, I can't help feeling this way, I want to go back to bed and cry...". What a fun place to be. *sigh* I'll cope with it - but being at work and feeling this way is very difficult and I keep finding myself praying and hoping noone will just "stop by" into my office and want to talk. I need a sign for my office that just reads "I'm moody, enter at your own risk."

Anyway... still prayin for a double line on the OPK. If nothing by Saturday I'll have to call and schedule an u/s. Whee.

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  1. Well, this is the 4th time I have gotten on here to post a comment for you. The first time was early this afternoon and it has been down hill every since. Sorry that it has taken me so long.
    Oh those dreadful headaches. For me they are the last thing that I want hurting, espcially when I am at work and trying to teach those little ones. It always amazes me, because those little ones can always tell when you are not having a good day or are emotional. Most of the time that can be a positive for you because they want to help you and will do what you ask. However, you get those little stinkers who will try your patience. Thankfully that does not happen very often. :)

    Sorry to hear that you are having an emotional day. That was me yesterday. Fortunately today has been better. Better days are ahead for you, and always remember you and your husband are in our prayers. I so know what it is like to want those two pink lines. That was my only wish for Christmas this year. But, I have to continue to pray, no two lines yet; just one now because the other has diminished because I do not have the LH surge chemical being detected in my body. Going to try getting those tests done earlier next month.

    Hang in there! Thanks for all of your support. I enjoy getting on my blog and seeing that you have cared enough to read my post and then leave me a comment. :)

    Lots of smiles and blessings,
    Stacey :)