Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Nothing much to report except I'm tired, cranky and still have the headache. Not even close to a 2 line surge on the OPK and I'm trying not to fall apart and feel like a total failure.



  1. I know it is so easy to get down and feel like a failure, but if you can keep your head up and eyes to the Lord, you will find comfort. Somedays that is all I can do is feel like I look up all day and talk to Him.

    Two pink lines, I know, everything comes in 2 week intervals. The number 2, ugh!

    You are such a strong woman and always remember you have all of the support you can find here. I am right there with you and wish that I could be there to comfort you and give you a big hug. Just know that you are on my mind and I am in constant prayer for you. There WILL be a time when your life WILL be filled with miracles, I know it.

    Have a great New Year's Eve and New Year! Keep us posted and walk with that beautiful head held up high.

    Lots of hugs and blessings this day,
    Stacey :)

  2. Thank you for your sweet comments! Have you ever charted using the Creighton system before. It is absolutely amazing. I feel like instead of being in the dark about my infertility. I have a light that shines on it and I know exactly what is going on. That is not knowing anything for 3 years and feeling completely helpless. I now know I am in the best possible place to cure my infertility. No more unanswered questions!

    Do you sew?