Monday, February 16, 2009


Ok, so today is CD3 and so yesterday I called into my RE and said "I need a refill on my Femara for this next month." This morning first thing I get a call back and the nurse says "I believe he wanted you to goto injectables if the Femara didn't work." To this I answered "but I ovulated!" She's going to talk to the doc and call me back later today.

Am I the only one in the world who thinks that just plain ovulating was the biggest breakthrough since putting man on the moon? I trust my RE 100% but was thinking that we were going down the right track so I'm not sure why he'd want to go down a new pathway just yet. *sigh* Confusion running high.

Ok, going to try to calm it down. Finding out that when I have AF visiting that I'm perhaps just a tiny bit more touchy than normal. *smirk* DH might have a little different perspective on that. So... now I wait for the call back.

The nurse called back (within 45 minutes, I love that staff) and said that he agrees with me that if I feel that 2 more months of Femara is worth trying he'll totally work with that. So they are calling in a refill and I'll start that today.


  1. Under this particular set of circumstances I agree with sticking with Femara for a few months. Injects are soooo expensive!

  2. thats good news...i could see it either way....but with you ovulating i think you made the right decision....injectables are really expensive as i have told you so its worth a shot with staying with what you are doc let us do the 3 rounds of injectable iuis before we were done....if we were to treatments again it has to be ivfs....