Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life is Kickin me in the Boo-tay

Last night Diana passed away after over a year fighting cancer and then 2 weeks spent in the hospice. This woman had the most positive attitidue of anyone I've ever met. She was an elementary school teacher and would always wear bright colorful clothing and those "conversation buttons." Hats were always in style and she was a HUGE Chicago Cubs fan. I value greatly the time I spent with her and keep her family in my prayers now that she is gone. I have such a heavy heart and it will be hard to let the kids know that their favorite teacher is gone.

After finding out the news last night I tested. 10dpIUI and I tested. Negative. I know - it's too early - but I've got light spotting and I just don't feel pregnant. I'll test again this weekend if AF doesn't show - but I tested and don't know anything new because of it. Hoping it was negative because I have no patience and it's just way early.

Now I just carry with me a heart that is broken and tears that will not leave my eyes. I feel battered, let down and frustrated that I can't control ANYTHING. Sorry to be such a downer but today is just kickin me in the arse emotionally.

It wasn't until I posted and then viewed my blog that I read my scripture for the day. It is the scripture that we used (as do many) as the main scripture for our wedding. The Lord does speak when we most need to hear. What a blessing.

Scripture of the Day
“Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not want what belongs to others. It does not brag. It is not proud. It is not rude. It does not look out for its own interests. It does not easily become angry. It does not keep track of other people's wrongs.”
(1 Corinthians 13:4-5)


  1. I am so so sorry to hear about Di. You will all be in my prayers.

    10 days is early to test. I've been there and done that as you know. It's not over till Saturday so hold on. Also, when you test try to test first thing in the morning as that is when hormones are the strongest.


  2. My prayers will be with you and Di's family as well. She sounds like a wonderful lady.

    Hold that chin up, you have a few days to go and anything is possible with God. I do hope that it is positive for you. I would certainly be very happy and excited! :)

    Tomorrow will be a better day.

    Hugs and blessings,