Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Horrible 24 Hours


Started on my home last night when I stopped to get my allergy shot. We've been stepping up the dose each week just fine and then WHAM ... swelling, breathing issues and a bit of panic led to an epinephrine shot and an hour of laying in a back room. Had the major shakes and a headache for the next 2 hours. Whew, what an experience.

And then there was today. A horrible meeting at work in which we spent 2 hours accomplishing nothing but listening to our leader whine about how busy he is and how he wants someone else to take over. We are all busy. And it's not like he has to do any prep between meetings or any writing. Sigh. Frustrating.

At four I left work to head to the dentist (a huge anxiety attack moment for me) and found out I have an old filling on the left that is falling apart and causing problems. I haven't gotten any pain yet so I'm glad they caught it at my cleaning. So another big chunk of money and a blissful day at the "spa" in the next week or so. Sucks.

Come on life, cut me a break!

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  1. Honey, I'm so sorry life keeps kicking you in the rear. If I could make it all better for you, I promise I would. Keep your chin up, don't let it get you down - easier said than done, I know. You've always been so positive, though I can imagine that even just one tenth of what you're going through would knock me flat. Be strong, we're here for you, I hope you know that. Sending love and hugs to help pick you up a little.xxxxx