Thursday, February 12, 2009

Need to ReFocus

Saw a post over on Stacey's Blog and think it's a wonderful thing to step back and count my blessings. What a beautiful idea. So... here are my 14...

1. My husband. A true blessing.
2. Having such a large, loving family.
3. God's hand and loving presence, or I'd be lost.
4. My true, 2am friends.
5. Having a home and being financially stable.
6. My job. I love my job.
7. My co-workers, who are beyond awesome.
8. Winter. Yes, winter. It is my "reset button."
9. My cat, Tristan, who is now 10. My best buddy.
10. Science. Thankfully REs exist and can help me conceive.
11. Cheesecake.
12. Computers. They allow me to connect, journal and research.
13. Finding old friends again.
14. Seeing comments on my blog.

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