Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th's Testing Woes

This morning I woke up early with a start and found myself in tears. I must have been having one heck of a bad dream. It's odd, as normally I remember my dreams and they are usually quite vivid. As I was up I decided to head to the restroom and ... I decided to test.

The result? Nothing. Not even the control line. *sigh* Somebody is messin with me. When the DH finally woke he asked if I had tested and I told him what happened. With serious eyes he asked "did you do the test right?" I literally had to laugh and explain I've been POAS for quite awhile now... and it's not exactly rocket science (sorry Sheldon).

So now I'm at work and thinking "what the heck." I kind of wanted to know - but in some ways am glad I didn't see a BFN. Argh. Anyone else ever get a test that shows nothing? I have 2 more out of the three pack and I'm not sure I want to use em.


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  1. ugh--sounds like a faulty test. i hope and pray that the next time you test you have a BFP!