Saturday, February 21, 2009

Surrounded by Love

The past two days I've been stopping to smell the roses and really pay attention to the blessings the Lord has already given me in this life. I have so many friends, loved ones, family and of course my DH ... and that in itself is better than gold.

I have been reading the book "90 Minutes in Heaven" and have been touched by the story of Don Piper. He was killed instantly in a car accident; pronounced dead at the scene. He was prayed over by another man and 90 minutes later came to, singing. He speaks very little about his experience in Heaven and mostly about his recovery and lessons learned. It has been an amazing book.

Health wise I keep trucking along. On Thursday morning I finally broke down and went to my ear doctor and said I couldn't take the pain running down my right jaw anymore. He told me the source of my pain was my right ear tube was trying to come out and was laying over on a badly irritated spot on my ear drum. So he yanked it out and after about 2 hours my ear felt SO much better. My left tube looked good and could be another month or two. I had them put in last fall due to excessive fluid in my ears that were causing lots of pain.

I am so thankful that pain has gone away. I hope you are all well. *hugs*

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