Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Goodie Bags!

Tonight the DH and I went by the pharmacy and picked up the Follistim and Repronex. I'm starting to feel like I'm really into this IVF journey and hot diggy dog there's a lot to do and get ready for. We kick into full swing next week (Tuesday) I will be getting my Follistim (AM), Repronex (PM) and my Lupron (PM).

SO excited! (sarcasim...)

The Follistim looks a bit creepy as it is in a large "pen" that you basically load, lock and dial up your dose and then inject as the pharmacist says "hold it like a dagger and do it like you mean it." DH has already said he'll take care of the prep and I'll get it as a wake-up call at 7:30am. Due to my dose of 225 after the first day (due to the fact the vials are 300 units) I'll get the joy of 2 sticks every morning! Aint life grand?!? The Repronex is also 225 so we have to mix 3 different vials of powder when making that one up each night. More details next week when we jump in with both feet.

Tomorrow morning I go in for baseline bloodwork and u/s to see how my suppression phase has gone. Keep fingers crossed and prayers en route. Aunt Flo kicked in today (CD1) so at least I'm on schedule! This is a very good thing.

See you all tomorrow...


  1. Sarahs51 ... I saw the comment a few days back that wished me luck and mentioned the Lupron headaches... great to have you following. =)

  2. I had mentioned earlier yesterday that meds in the pens look bad but are so much easier then the ones in the vials. I was also wondering if you have q-caps for your vial meds... they make the world of differance when mixing in to a powder! If you don't have any I have a TON left over since my stims are done now. Let me know and I will mail them to you!

  3. Ah, thanks! We got a ton of the q-caps as well so I'm all prepped and ready to go. I swear waiting to start will more than likely be worse then just getting started and going. =) Thanks for the notes!