Monday, February 1, 2010


Normally I have pretty decent Mondays. I'm recharged a bit and ready to get back at things. But today (following two days off) I was swamped from the moment I walked into the office until I walked out. Most of my days at work are fine and I really like being with my co-workers and doing my job that I've done now for 12+ years... but days like today totally sap me. Here's hoping for a good night sleep tonight and tomorrow will be better.

As for the IVF journey I'm mostly in a holding pattern. It feels odd to be off everything but the Lupron injections. My DH and I have those down to a science. Wednesday, however, is when we meet with the pharmacist and learn all about the Follistim and Repronex. Will take those only 8 days (one in AM, one in PM) along with the Lupron... but they sound a bit scarier as they take a lot more prep work to get them ready to inject. Well, we'll learn more on Wednesday.

Here's hoping everyone is having a good week. *hugs* Be well and blessings.

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