Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Excellent news...

Just got the call that the two embryos they were watching WERE able to be frozen so we have 2 little "penguins" on hold should we need them. All in all this cycle has (so far) turned out far better then we had ever hoped.

Started the Vivelle estradiol patch today. Just a little more time down and then back to work starting tomorrow. It will be nice to be able to be up, moving and busy ... keeping my mind off every little twinge and just how long it seems til blood work on March 6th.

*hugs* Thank you all for the continued prayers.


  1. That is so wonderful! I'm hoping some of your good news can rub off on me! 6 more days to go...

  2. Yay this is great news!!!
    March 6th is right around the corner, can't wait to read the awesome results =)