Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time. Goes. Slowly.

So I'm hanging in there and waiting until next Saturday when we can go for bloodwork to see just how we're doing. I talk to my embies (anyone else do this) and tell them that I love them and want them to do their best to stick. Here's praying that one will...

** Warning, this might be Too Might Info... =) **

Last night had a bit of a scare where I swore my cycle was starting. I mean the heavy feeling, the "moist" feeling and the worry about going to the restroom to only find a horrible outcome. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I had a little brown discharge last night and nothing since then. And this morning I woke up to HORRIBLE gas/lower ab crampage that scared the begeezers out of me only to have one HECK of a *ahem* movement and man did I feel better. It had been over 3 days... Progesterone sucks in that regard.

So, dare I hope for implantation bleeding? *fingers crossed*


  1. I talk to the embies too...I am doing it during this cycle as well. Nothing wrong with that!!! :D

  2. It does look like implantation bleeding to me, I didn't have that but I did have the exact same other, um, issue....