Monday, February 15, 2010

Prayin for good Blood Work!

Quick note on my lunch hour...

The u/s this morning went really well and I have a pretty big party in Ms Right. Ms Left, however, has some heavy hitters but not nearly as many. Party all you want ladies, you're doing good things! All in all I feel bloated and crampy across the midsection as well as low back. Fun!

I'm currently waiting for the phone call regarding my estrogen levels. We're aiming for 1000 and last friday it was 389. If it comes back in the 700-800 range they are talking about cancelling just going with fertilization ... I need to be in that 1000 range to continue with the harvest on Wednesday (yup, date has been set!)

Good news today:
I get to STOP Follistim injections, Lupron injection and the Repronex injection! I get to add the Ovidrel tonight (both shots) at 11pm which are tiny little things and would mean things are moving along. *BIG OL HAPPY BOOTIE DANCE!

So now I wait for the nurse to call with my estrogen levels... fingers crossed!

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