Saturday, February 20, 2010

Holding Pattern

Other than trying to keep myself positive, upbeat and not worried out of my skull nothing new has been happening the last few days. Monday seems so close and yet so far away. This bit of having absolutely no control over how our eggs are doing and just running on faith that Monday WILL happen is for the dogs. Bleh.

Starting last Thursday we have done the progesterone IM shots (butt shots) and you know what... they aren't bad! Nothing compared to that evil spawn of Satan... Repronex. As long as I heat before hand, wiggle my toes during (you can't clench your butt cheeks if you wiggle your toes... go ahead... try it!) and then heat afterwords I couldn't even tell you it happened. Seriously!

Also finishing up this tummy wrecking antibiotic (doxycycline) and steroid that makes me ADHD for about 4 hours (methylprednisolone) ... will be done on Monday with those as well. We're getting towards the finish line...

Praying up a storm!

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  1. Yay only 1 more day! I'm so excited for you and glad those tummy shots are over!