Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And we wait...

Just got a call from the fertility clinic and she started the conversation by saying:

"Ann? This is N from Dr's... I'm really sorry" (this is where my heart fell into my stomach) "but your bloodwork wasn't tested this afternoon and it won't be until morning that we'll have your numbers..." Oh, well heck, that's not bad news. I thought she would say "your progesterone was a whopping .2 this month." So I wait a night. Ok, if I have to... I have to.

And as for the AF thing... today is 7 days post iui and AF should show up sometime this weekend... but the nurse said it _could_ be implementation bleeding. I'm cramping very lightly and it's very, very light...

"Oh Lord, please hold me in the palm of your hand."


  1. WHEW!!! You talk about having your heart hit the floor, mine just did. But, I am so glad that it was nothing more than them telling you that you will have to wait. Praise God. O the waiting game, not my favorite games to play. Hang in there. We'll pray the nurse hit this one on the head when she said that it could be implementation bleeding. :) I am sure you will, but keep us posted and let us know as soon as you hear from the doctor's office.

    Hugs and blessings,
    Stacey :)

  2. About the steroid I am taking-- it is called Dexamethasone or Decadron and I take 2 mg a daily. I didn't respond to a very high dose of Clomid on it's own, so I will find out Friday if this does anything.