Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hating the 2 Line Wait

Well, this morning the line was still really faint so no need to call in today. Looks like we'll just be using my appointment on Monday morning for another u/s to measure progress (Lord willing there will have been progress). *sigh* Emotional low today.

Come on... momma needs a surge.


  1. Come by...stay a while. :) I'll offer you some tea! I would offer you a cookie or cake too, but I am "off" sugar in the hopes of kicking PCOS in the booty. Good luck this month.

  2. I know what those days are like to be emotionally low. Just remember you have a cheering group out here for you and we too are shouting COME ON...MOMMA NEEDS A SURGE!!!!!!! Here is a big hug for you ((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))!!!!!!!

    Do you and your hubby go on date nights often? Maybe today is one of those days that you just need to do something with him, or do like I do and unfortunately when I am depressed I spend money. Shopping helps me, especially going to craft shops and stores. There is where I can usually forget about my worries for a while. Maybe this year you can find that spot where you can go and allow your worries and cares to be set aside for a little while. My prayers and thoughts continue to be with you. Just know that I am crying with you. Last night I got emotional with God in saying my prayers about you and the rest of the ladies that follow my blog who desperately want to have a miracle. God knows, he is there with you all of the way. One of my favorite poems is Footprints, which I try to remember when I feel like God is so far away from me. :)

    Lots of hugs, smiles and blessings,
    Stacey :)

    Hang in there, we all love you and are wishing only the best for you because that is exactly what you deserve, simply the best!!!!!!! :)