Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bugs Bunny Bandaid

Gave my small blood sample this morning and got a Bugs Bunny bandaid. Honestly, I think it's pretty darn odd that a fertility clinic gives out kid bandages... but ok.

I asked the *ahem, hot* young lab worker when I could call for results and he said to check in tomorrow. Bah. Ok. So then I asked the girl at the checkout desk and she said to call back after 3:30pm. I mentioned what the guy said and she smirked and said "he's a guy... you probably wouldn't want to wait that long." She's so right. Another example of how I truly believe guys see this as a 1s and 0s type of thing whereas females are so much more moment to moment and emotion to emotion sorts of beings.

So now I wait... come on 3:30pm.


  1. ok we expect an update at 3:35!! Just kidding!!!

  2. Well, I have to agree, a Bugs Bunny bandaid huh? Just when you think you have seen it all and done it all. (lol) I am praying for your tests, hang in there. Oh~yes, you hit the nail on the head about men and their thoughts. Sometimes it feels like talking to someone who speaks a foreign language. :)

    Hugs and blessings,