Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Letter to the Ladies

My doctor is so very wonderful. I went in due to my throat being sore and my ears being full and got some stuff that should help with that. Before I left she asked me how the fertility treatments were going and I started to cry. Embarassing. I'm not one to cry infront of people - and she knew that.

She then told me that she had gone to a fertility clinic after 8 months of trying and is still trying... My jaw hit the floor. She's thin, in wonderful shape and (ok, I'll say it) looks normal! It always amazes me just how many women have troubles and yet its still a taboo to talk about or confess to - at least from my perspective. That's when she told me what helped her get through it... frequent notes to "the ladies." So here goes...

Morning ladies, have a moment?

We've been through quite a bit together. Many years ago things were going along just fine and then we had that stumbling block of ovarian cyst issues. Went on the pill and got things to calm down and there were calm waters after that. It would be 15 long years before we went off that medication and when we went off you did your job beautifully ... giving us a little bean after only 4 months of trying. I don't blame you at all for the loss of that little bean as it just wasn't meant to be.

Now it is 2 years later and we're still trying for another little bean. You must be feeling a little different with the various amounts of Clomid and Femara coming at you. Whatever might help you I'm willing to do. Acupuncture should also get you working a bit smoother.

So, ladies, we're in this together. I know you have a ton of eggs in there and if you could just pop out one (or two) this cycle I'd love ya forever. Don't forget that God is walking this journey with us as well and having his support is huge.

That's all for now, now... let's rock!

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  1. Such a cute letter to the ladies and a great idea. Yeah for the doctor. :)

    As for infertility, I have certainly noticed myself that the more I talk to women about this, the more of them I am finding have IF issues or have dealt with IF issues. It is really amazing to think so many of us are struggling. It also makes me wonder why?

    I am here for you and always thinking and praying for you too each and everyday. Keep that faith and strong positive attitude, it is so inspiring! :)

    Hugs and blessings,