Wednesday, January 14, 2009

By the Numbers

I received the call. Progesterone was 1.5 this month. It went up - but still no ovulation. *sigh*

How do you deal with spending so much every month (ours is completely out of pocket, averaging $800/mo) and feeling like you have let your spouse down? I'm battling that really, really hard right now. I feel like I'm the broken one and he's stuck with a "defective wife." No matter how much he tells me that's just plain wrong - it still hurts my heart.

Next month the plan is switching to Femera 7.5 mg and trying that instead of continuing with the Clomid. Anyone take this pathway?


  1. Ann,

    I took follistem when clomid didn't work. What workup have you had done? I am sure you are seeing an RE... let's chat through email. I went the injectable route after 6 months of clomid--so I have some ideas.

  2. Oh...that whole "broken women" syndrome is pretty common. I use to have it hard. My husband doesn't deserve a broken wife. I should be do what women are suppose to do. It is better now, but I can slip back hard. Let me know if you have questions or want to talk.

  3. Ann, I'm so glad to hear that someone else feels that they are "broken" and that they have failed their husband. Not glad because someone has to feel that pain, but glad that I'm not the only one! What keeps me going at those moments is that I know in my heart of hearts I will be the most amazing mother to his children someday, and that's when I will be able to prove to him (and by him and mean to myself) that I'm worth it.

  4. Aw Ann, here is a big (((hug))) for you. Sorry, I am not at the point yet where I am taking clomid, however, I do see it in my future. Since I am just beginning this process, I feel like I too am going to need help with ovualtion. Just remember, you are not alone. I too have thought the very same thing. Just remember that there are so many of us out here that will help you in any way we can and care for you very much. Your day will come and it will be the most beautiful experience you can imagine. That is what I am holding on to right now. :) Thank you for your continued support. I feel a little "behind the times" because I am just starting out. I will continue to pray for you and your husband, he sounds like a wonderful man and that he really loves you. :)

    Hugs and blessings,