Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fading Away

This morning I woke up and took my OPK test... and my faint line has vanished. I'm crushed. I can't help but be completely devistated and think there's no hope.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. *sigh*


  1. Ann- I know how you feel- I HATE OPKs... and hate is a strong word. I can never tell if they are + or morning light, afternoon dark, next morning light...ugh!?! I used a clearblue easy monitor things for a while and love it. It tracked daily, but it was also how I found out I wasn't o'ing. I am praying for you. Also, have your read the book "Hannah's Hope" by Jennifer Saake? I am thinking about starting to write a book and my sister got it for me for some inspriation. I didn't want to put it down! She has had 10 losses~either through miscarriage or adoptions failures~ very inspiring and true words. She even gives insight for the "burden barriers" Check it out. She also started the community Hannahs Prayer ministries (

  2. I am right there with you today Ann. Sounds like we both could use a great big hug. Feeling like you are crushed or have had a ton of bricks fall on you is no fun. Sorry, I can't offer any advice for the OPK's, they are something I have not experienced. But, hang in there, I feel that there's a light coming soon at the end of the tunnel for you. :)

    God bless and know that my prayers are with you and your husband always. I love the Bible verses on your blog, they are so true and uplifting. I read them each time I read your post for the day. :)

    Lots of big hugs, smiles and blessings,
    Stacey :)

  3. I'm sorry i thought this was the month for you.
    I never ventured into the OPK's but i know of ton of people who used them and either loved or hated them. Hang in there.